Why Android is better than iPhone

I used to have Android, but its annoyances led me to change to iPhone 5. Then I realized iPhone has even more annoyances! They are unintuitive, illogical functions that waste time and drive you nuts- making it seem like the makers didn't use focus groups.

Here were my top annoyances with Android and iPhone:

1. The battery is getting low, and your goal is to preserve battery life, but what does the phone do? It does things which use much more battery power, draining your battery up to 10x faster. For example, the screen will turn on by itself and sounds will be made. Why speed up the process? I was looking forward to having that issue when I switched to an iPhone and discovered it does the same thing!

2. When your battery is low your goal is to plug in and charge the battery, right? But unfortunately, when you plug in the phone, the screen automatically comes on, making charging much slower. Why would the screen automatically come on? Who thought that was a good idea? Both iphone and Android do this and drives me nuts, because you have to always take an extra step of turning off the screen. Why do 2 actions when you can only take 1?

3. iPhone you can't download or copy mp3s to your phone!? Hello! Isn't that the dumbest thing you've ever heard of? You can copy your mp3s to your memory card, put it in your phone, but it won't read it. It forces you to download and install itunes, which I don't want, so it's either their way or the highway, but that is a great inconvenience.

4. Both Android and iPhone requires an app to browse downloaded files/mps3 on your SD card which is ridiculous.

5. iPhone automatically dials people when you are simply clicking on recent calls to get the info. It is so dumb. I have called and canceled calls so many times from this. Then in other areas you actually do need to click to view calls and it won't call. Makes no sense.

6. Google voice doesn't work well on either Android or iPhone, because it will continually record a blank message on your regular voice mail, wasting time, then a different message on the Google voice app.

7. Emergency alerts on iphone has a horrible sound that will freak you out, but you can't turn off the sound and keep the texts (which I want). So, they make you disable the whole thing, which I've done, but what a waste of a feature.

8. Voice detection works better on Android, but it doesn't let you record voice to text very well- iphone does slightly better, but has a limit. Both need work.

9. On iphone when you copy your photos over to your computer, you can't delete them! I have a thousand photos and they want me to delete them one by one only on my phone and not via my computer!

10. On iphone I can't tell you how many times I hang up on people when the phone rings, because they hang up button is on the left- which English speakers read left to right and press the first button and hang up on the caller, plus its more natural to click that button the way I hold the phone. Why not just have the green answer button on the left side or have them stacked vertically? I doubt they did any focus group research for usability on this one.

11. The #1 inconvenience for iphone is the clicking sound it makes when taking a picture. Please tell me why someone needs a loud crunching sound? I've been in quiet lectures where I need to take a picture of the projector screen and the loud screech interrupts the lecture. The phone doesn't allow someone to turn down the volume or disable the sound of the photo capture!? I have no words to describe how frustrating that is! Not to mention consuming even more precious battery life for a meaningless sound.

I'm sure there's more annoyances I'm not remembering at the moment, but that's good enough for now. In summary, Android has less annoyances than iPhone, so my next phone will be Android.

SOLVED! How to format a 4TB disk in Windows instead of getting only 2TB!


Why do I get only 2TB when formatting a 4TB drive?

Here's the answer:
When you get a harddrive more than 2TB brand new, it's formatted differently using GPT (GUID Partition Table) instead of the older technology Macs and Windows uses (including Windows 8.1) MBR (Master Boot Record). So, when you try to partition using native Windows program, for example, you only get 2TB.

Here's how to get back your 4TB capacity:

1. Make sure you have a free Virus Scan software installed and working, like AVG for Avast.
2. Download this app:

WARNING: I got a hit for 'adaware' spyware and might have come from this page. Be sure and have AVG virusscan on and it will prevent this from happening.

3. Make sure you uncheck the other bogus stuff it asks you to install.
4. Once you open the app, select your drive, remove any partitions.
5. Then Initialize it to GPT Disk. It should now say 4TB instead of 2TB.
6. Create new partition that takes up the whole drive.
7. Format it.
8. You may notice it takes almost no time to do this. That's because it hasn't done anything yet, it's simply taking your order on what you want done which adds it to a queue. Now, you're ready to hit Apply at the top.
9. Verify in your explorer that it actually shows 4TB now (or 3.63TB)
10. Uninstall the partition tool app.

That should be all. Now you have your full drive space back.

SOLVED! How to Stop the Annoying Netflix Kids Who's Watching Popup

Netflix Who's Watching annoying popup
Stop the Netflix Who's Watching annoying popup

Sometime in the summer of 2014 Netflix automatically created a kids profile for everyone and forced everyone to take an extra step of choosing your own profile before logging into Netflix. It's quite annoying, so here's how to stop the Netflix Who's Watching popup PERMANENTLY!

STEP 1 - Get on a computer and go to netflix.com and LOG IN. Even if you have a smart TV, you still need to walk away from your TV and get on a real computer or smart phone (unless you have a reliable and unrestricted web browser on your TV).


STEP 2 - Find an icon at the far right, and under its drop down menu choose 'Manage Profiles'


STEP 3 - Click EDIT on the Kids profile row


STEP 4 - Click DELETE by the Kids profile. It will then popup a second box to confirm the delete, and press DELETE again.

NOW IT'S FIXED! That is how you permanently stop and prevent Netflix's annoying kids dialog from popping up. You can log out and avoid that extra annoying step every time. There are still other annoyances in Netflix, but at least that one is now gone.

If this post helped you, please comment below or help circulate this fix around the community.

Excel: Replace first instance of a character in field

In Excel, if you want to replace the first instance of certain character in a string, you can easily do it with the SUBSTITUTE function.


=SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", "_", 1)

This will find the first instance of a space and will replace it with an underscore _. If you want to find the 2nd instance of a character, you replace the '1' with '2', etc. It's very useful for an application like below:


Ge 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Let's say you have an entire text file that is not in columns and has no tabs or delimiters and your goal is to have it in clean columns and rows.

You could simply enter the function to the right of the text in a new column and it would do this:

Ge_1:1 In the beginning...

Then you can double click on the field to copy down the formula for all rows.

Next, you select the entire column of formulas that generated your new text, then copy, then select a new column and paste as values. This strips the formula and pastes only the text.

Next, you change the formula to use the text from your newly pasted text, and change the formula to replace the next space with a pipe | or something.

So, after running that formula you'd then have:

Ge_1:1|In the beginning...

Now, you can easily separate this text into columns, by using the Text to Columns feature in Excel, then choosing 'Delimited' then Other... then enter in underscore _ and Finish. It will separate the first part into columns. Then you run Text to Columns again on the remaining text for pipe | and it will separate the verses. Make sure to choose your format as text instead of general, because Excel has a bug that will auto convert numbers to dates, which is a poorly designed 'feature' that can corrupt data very easily.

End result:

Ge     1:1     In the beginning...

That's it!

How to find owner of a website

1. Domain owner can be found through a whois search of the domain:

Note that many people pay for 'privacy' from their domain registrar, meaning that the registrar or privacy service will put their information on the domain record instead of the real owner.

2. So, another route is to contact the host of the domain. To do that you first need to find their IP address using a nameserver lookup:

This will show you the IP address of the host for this domain. Use the 'DNS lookup' and note the IPs used for the zone record.

3. Once you get the IP address of the host of the domain, you can then use the IP whois search:
http://www.arin.net (top right) to locate the network hosting those IPs.

This gives you a way to track down the right owner of a website and reach them due to abuse such as spam or copyright infringement or other reasons.

AdSense Problems

This post is to display the latest AdSense bugs and problems. I have submitted screenshots of some of these issues to the AdSense team before, but they may have been overlooked.


1. Blocked URL ads still display

As I get complaints from my website visitors, I scramble to solve the problem and have spent hours reviewing and screening ads. Unfortunately, it's possible none of the ad screening or blocking has changed anything, as I have seen that weeks after I have blocked certain URLS, they continue to show up as current active advertisers in my AdSense ad review center.

Example A:

AdWords quality guidelines say the image ad "must be" family safe: https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/176108?hl=en&ref_topic=1310862

family safe

"Google assigns a family status to all ads to make sure that ads are shown to an appropriate audience. Image ads and the content they point to must be "family safe." Any image ads and their associated websites cannot contain "non-family" or "adult" content."

Despite the statement that the ads will be 'family safe' the following ads slipped through. A web visitor noticed them and complained about how revealing the ads were and the visitor was right. It is inappropriate for Google to display these images with pronounced breasts and revealing figure on a Christian website which includes children viewing them. So, I blocked the URL in AdSense, but weeks later, the same ads were still showing. Some time has passed now since I reported this to the AdSense quality team, but today, I see that URL blocking is still is broken for a different ad I had blocked.

blocked url ads still show

That was the first advertiser URL I blocked and reported to Google. The URL was typed and verified as an identical match to the advertiser URL, so we know with 100% certainty the correct URL was blocked, but the ads continued to be active.

Example B:

UPDATE 5-15-2014, I confirmed this issue. 24 hours ago I blocked the following URL, but I checked and it still shows as 'Shown' with 'Show reviewed ads' unchecked. If this ad isn't active, but is showing a history of what showed before being blocked, then what value would that have? Surely no one cares about the ads that DON'T show on your site, but only the active ones that DO! I'm hoping this is what the redesigned 'shown' and unreviewed settings do. And why would a blocked URL show up as an ad to review if the ad would never be shown? If that's the case, the who interface needs to be redesigned for a real user. See I am trying to block bad ads that real people are offended by, and I want to verify they don't show up anymore, and if they do, then it's something that has to be resolved. Please fix this.


Example C:

A few weeks ago, I blocked this site (see screenshot):

kingdomnomics 1

Then, just today (5-15-2014), weeks after blocking the URL, I see the advertiser URL active on my site:


The ad displayed on the Ad Review Center page, with 'Show Reviewed Ads' unchecked and was on the 'Shown' tab. So, this suggests the ad is 'active', but should not be.

So, it's possible that my many hours of work to block and improve the experience for the users may have been in vain, if the AdSense filters are broken.

2. Hypocritical standards

Certain webmaster quality guidelines and policies are enforced for both AdSense and AdWords users, but Google is breaking them itself.

See Google AdSense's "Ad Placement Policies" here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en#Encouraging_accidental_clicks


It says this under 'Encouraging accidental clicks':

"Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes implementing the ads in a way that they might be mistaken for other website content, such as menu, navigation, or download links."

AdWords users are forbidden to trick users into clicking the ad: from https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/176108?hl=en&ref_topic=1310862


It says this under 'Trick to Click':

"Ads cannot mimic or resemble Windows, Mac, Unix, or Chrome OS dialogue boxes, error message, etc."

Let's now look at a sample ad Google itself runs for Google Play:

adsense- bbig arrow and button2

Strangely, it's exactly the same as the ad iTunes runs. So, either Apple copied Google, or Google copied Apple. Either way, it's against their own policies. Meanwhile, if users themselves do this they risk having their account closed, according to Google's policies.

adsense- bbig arrow and button

Today, on 5-15-2014, I saw another Google ad doing this with something that looks like a 'download now' button. Here is the screenshot:


It says nothing about what the product or service is (iTunes), just a download now button, which seems tricky and may confuse the users into clicking it.

3. Offensive ads for certain keywords still show.

Meanwhile, ads like 'Quron', 'Allah', and 'Divorce' still show up, despite having blocked some of these keywords. The AdSense interface doesn't let a standard user block ads with these keywords in bulk though. It requires someone to manually search each individual possibility and has to be repeated every 24 hours, 7 days a week for eternity. A Google rep helped me filter some, but it appears it still shows Muslim ads on my Christian website. See the following offensive ad, that Google provides publishers like me no way to block other than hiring 3 shifts of staff to review 7 days a week manually searching keywords to block these, which is unsustainable. I am aware that there is a financial interest in Google not allowing us to block ads, but Google also is supposed to be about the user-experience. It's ironic how Google is supposed to be the most advanced search engine, but its keyword search in AdSense for publishers doesn't even allow for plurals. Someone has to search everything individually to find an offensive ad: muslim, muslims, buddhism, buddhist, buddhists, meditation, meditations, meditating, meditate, meditates, meditatings... get the idea? There's no way a publisher like me can repeat an exhaustive keyword search for all possible keyword combinations of the offensive ads and repeat this every 24 hours, 7 days a week. Give us a little help, please, Google. When these offensive ads show, no one wins. Users are offended, they leave, and Google loses too.


4. Category-Blocked Ads Still Display

Either your settings are ignored, or ads are miscategorized. These AdWords ads are supposed to be approved by Google staff, but perhaps are not? When seeing the ad in my account, it doesn't show the category so there's no way of knowing if it was indeed placed in the wrong category or if our settings were being ignored. Simply displaying the category to AdSense users would reveal this and help solve the issue, and I requested this months ago to the AdSense team, but I don't see any change.

Let's first view my 'Sensitive category' settings:


These are my categories as of today, 5-16-2014 and they have been this way for about 2 years or so.

You can clearly see that the 'politics' category is blocked and it has been blocked for as long as this category has existed in my account (years) and has not changed. For the record, I am blocking both these ads directly in the ad review center, and their URL (the political category was already blocked), so I will see if these appear again...


This is a political ad appearing in the Ads Review Center under 'Shown' and 'Show reviewed ads' is unchecked. So, this ad appears active, is clearly political, as it says on it the man is running for governor, but despite my settings blocking this, it still shows up on my site. A second political ad is showing as well...


You can see this 2nd ad has a url that is long then it redirects to the first one. I wonder if they do this to avoid URL blocking? It's true that the entire URL doesn't even show up in the ad review center as it's too long, unless you right-click and copy paste, this is what it is: tonyprestpdpdeltavolunteers4completebreakfromdcorruptpast (dot com) which redirects to: tonyprestdelta2015 (dot com).

I first the blocked-category ads still showing up in January this year, when a dating site ad appeared on my site. Again the 'dating' category has been blocked for years. This was the site it linked to:

adsense link - personals site

If it showed the category in the ad review center, it would reveal whether it was human error the ads showed or a script error.

Google AdSense April Fools 2014

Google AdSense April Fools 2014

Very funny, Google. I open up my Google AdSense dashboard and see earnings coming from non-Earth sources, with Europa being the top planet for my earnings. That's impressive, especially as a stockholder, to realize how little Google has time for important things like responding to bugs people report in Google Groups, but somehow has enough time to design and implement April Fools pranks within its complex web applications. Good job!

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